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Fault versus precautions

“Those who rape does not care about this campaign. It's like telling people not to steal or kill. You can ignore the fact that some people do not respect you OR you could be responsible and take precautions. I can say: "It's the thieves fault I was robbed!". "Don't tell people to lock…”
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Author: Espen, Male Oslo
Date: 10/09/12
Replies: 2

The Root of the problem

“I think this campaign is great but what concerns me is that it doesn’t address the causes of these issues. What I mean by that is it doesn’t answer the question why are things this way? Who made them like this and why did they? What were their motives? Until we answer these questions…”
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Author: Caitlin McGee, Female US
Date: 01/02/12
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“I love this campaign, but I wish it at least mentioned that not all relationships are heterosexual. Just…”
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Author: ST, Female Fort Worth
Date: 18/11/11
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“Rape seems to be the only crime where it's seen as ok to put the victim on trial.”

Natasha, Female from Glasgow

“Short skirts don't cause rape. Rapists cause rape”

Joss, Female from Connecticut

“About time something like this was shown on TV. Hopefully it will make everyone realise there cannot be any excuse for rape - EVER.”

Helzo, Female from Renfrewshire